blood stained clothes, black eyes, i will eat your brain

Halloween is JUST around the corner and I am stoked. I reckon I might follow the blood stained trend and wear some blood for the month of ROctober whenever I feel like it. The Zombie Walk is OCTOBER 23 at 3pm. Zombies meet in Bellwoods and I would love to have you join my Zombie Crew. We get  all bloody at my house then make our way there leaving blood tracks and victims along the way.

On Halloween Friday I’ll be at Tequila Bookwork for People Downtown’s Halloween blood bath. Costumes mandatory andthere is no cover. Hope to see you there!

nothing like sleeping in your own bed again

I stayed up late after I arrived home last night, couldn’t sleep. I got into my leopard snuggie and watched all last week’s episodes of the Young and the Restless in a row. Slept till two in the avo today and feeling quite energized now. I’ve gotta clean up all the goodies I have scattered around the house.

My Kiwi friends wanted to know what the view was like from my house. It’s quite cloudy today but you get the idea. This is the CN tower. Puts Aucklands SkyCity tower to shame, sorry kids. They do have the tallest free standing in the Southern Hemisphere though.

May-jah traffic here.

This is the airport, Porter Airlines I told you about. Really great airline. Stylish outfits & great service.

Good thing I have this spankin’ new LG Kompressor Vacuum to help me clean up the mess from dumping my suitcase and heaps of NZ goodies on the floor. It makes this cute sound when you turn it on. Happy to add it to my many gadgets around the house. The handle actually works wirelessly with batteries to turn it on! Is that not the coolest thing eva? Ok, well the coolest thing in vacuum technology mate! I’m sure there are probably much better models now though, taking a look at review sites for wireless vacuums over at sites such could help you find your next cool vacuum too!

I’m so happy to be home. I loved NZ and hope to get back in the next year but my gosh, it’s great to be home. I’m back on the Telus 3G and have my double monitor setup for my comp and North American TV poppin. Big ups to Telus for keeping me connected while I was in NZ. I was able to hop on wireless and stay in touch with tweets and emails the whole time.

I love you Canada! Have an awesome day!

yesterday on twitter, this happened:

doesn’t it make sense to have the time of your life?

Hi! I’m in San Fran at the airport waiting for my flight home to TO. I miss you TO, can’t wait to see that tower. I was super anxious this morning/yesterday whatever time it was when I left NZ. Joanne and I dropped Nana off at the airport with Isabelle (her darling daughter) then it was my turn to go. I had like four hours until my flight so I snooped around, got one of those chair massages. Left my biz card at the computer station. Threw back a beer or three and painted my nails. Chatted a lovely couple, my parents age, who were off to Rangitonga with about thirty friends. He had a ukulele and they have a sail boat too like Mum. I love airports.

They are calling my plane now. See you in Canada homeslice!