imma eat you up.

This is my fav shiz right here – Jaffas, Minties, Pineapple Lumps (got them in the freezer), a dark chocolate Peanut Slab and a meat pie. I loooooove these guys, this stuff is New Zealand ledgendary to me. I will bring some home.

It’s really fun to be a Canadian/Kiwi here for Fashion Week. I am stoked to see a bunch of shows tomorrow. Met lots of nice peeps this evening. Wore a dress by Canadian Designer Paris Li -looking forward to seeing what she says after I styled it up kinda different. It was #3  (see here) from when I tried on dresses at her place. You wont recognize when I show you tomorrow, I insist on being different. Meet my minder Venus Tong tomorrow morning at breakfast to sort out what shows I am attending.

She is a babe.

They have all day music videos on more than one channel. Remember when our music stations had that? It was my fav. Found this new song today by Kimbra on JuiceTV, their site is cool. The video caught my eye and the beat crawled up in my ears and made my body wanna move arond. Toes tapping. I am having fun.