wake me up when (my) september (dream) ends

This September kicks off a bright start the the next few months. I’ve got a full calendar until Christmas!  After that, I’m thinking about a vacation but who knows where I will be  by that time.  I only ever imagine I would be where I am right now.

Look up at the sky, be thankfull.

The beauty of working for myself is that as long as I keep living and have internet access, I’m working. I promise myself to make the most of each day, set high goals and document it.

September is a ver exciting time in Toronto as we host the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). I’ve not gotten an movie tickets and I need to get on that. I’ve been invited to some pretty neat stuff in Yorville during the day throughout the festival. Wasn’t able to attend before cause I was working for THE MAN, now, going to that stuff is my JOB! I am THE MAN.

The next three months go like this (GenYTO & TweetgasmTO are in there for both Sept. & Oct. somewhere too)…

Sept. 9-17: Toronto International Film Fest

Sept. 18-28: New Zealand Fashion Week

Sept. 30: TEXxTO Conference

Sept. 30-Oct 3: Boston Friends visit TO

Oct.4: Contract with TrendHunter (3 Months Oct-Dec)

Dec: Go visit Mum in Bahamas on the Boat for Christmas.

Working on something else cool for October that I will share next week. So many thing on the go that Google Calendar & Tasks are my new BFF.  I am so excited about things happening my head might explode.

Please thing responsibly today, your thoughts become things!

CIAO darlings xo

P.S. VOTE FOR CASIE! I have till 7pm to STEAL THAT LEAD.

Jamming to this right now.

yesterday on twitter, this happened:

i took it out. it just wasn’t me. too all up in ma face.

Going to get it was really fun.  It hurt and I liked it. The people at Blackline Studio were cool and professional. It was a fun little Saturday afternoon adventure to poke a hole in my body. I realise I’m just not that into it anymore.  There is a super cute girl who help my hand when I got it done and the boy who pierced me was cute too. I wanted  a septum piercing for a while but once I had it, it took away from all the cuteness that makes me me. I really like that cuteness. I used to have a bunch of piercings, took then out in Australia cause I didn’t like the way they rubbed my surf board. I had two massively painful ones in my ears one called a rook (through thick cartilage) and one called an industrial (long bar that goes through twice). They were really painful. I mostly got them to deal with some type of pain in my heart or loss. Somehow, poking that hole and going through the healing process, made the heart ache a little less painful. I am so deep.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, we’re back.


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