Your first job?

I started thinking about my first job after reading Neil Pasricha blog 1000 Awesome Things. You know it? It’s awesome. He wrote some funny stories about people things they say in their first job interview. Here’s one I quite enjoy:

Me: Can you tell me about a problem you had while working with a group and how you resolved that problem?
Her: Um… (giggle)
Me: It’s okay. Take your time.
Her: Okay. (30 seconds pass) Okay, one time in marketing class I didn’t like my group so I did something else.
Me: You mean you left the group?
Her: Yeah. I asked the teacher if I could leave the group and she said yes. So I did some report or something.
Me: Oh, okay. And how did the rest of the group feel about it?
Her: I don’t know. They all stopped talking to me.
Me: Oh… okay. Well what didn’t you like about working with them?
Her: They were just ignorant.
Me: Can you tell me more about the project?
Her: Well, we had to make up a product and then advertise it. And we got cereal. But they wanted to make a cereal that was made out of rocks.
Me: Rocks?
Her: Yeah, I know. That’s why I left the group.
Me: They wanted to make a cereal out of rocks?
Her: Yeah.

#125 Your First Job, 1000 Awesome Things

Toronto blog What Women Want asked me about my first job earlier this year, read the interview here.

First job ever? I was a Sales Associate at Gap Canada Inc. (Fairview Park Mall). I wanted so badly to work there. I was 16 and I called and called and dropped off resumes and went in there all the time until they finally hired me. I worked there for about two years during high school and to this day it’s one of the most wonderful jobs I’ve ever had.

First “real” job? Personal Assistant to the Director of Product Purchasing, YM Inc. (Suzy, Bluenotes).Was kinda Devil Wears Prada-ish but more North York than New York. Learned lots during that time.

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