Toronto International Film Fest: Tastemakers Lounge

When celebrities come to town for TIFF they get invited to lounges to see & receive new & exciting products. Media get invites too. It’s a way for companies to get their products in the hands of stars and journalists. The Tastemakers Lounge is hosted by RockIt and they do an excellent job of bringing together brands & people. I took my PA Kate for the experience it and too take photos.

New glasses from FYSH. Thanks Team!

I picked out new glasses from FYSH NATION last year too. This is me rockin’ them w/ Morgan Ross at Strombo’s TIFF party.

Next it was time to pick out bracelets and charms from PANDORA.

Kate  took home a few goodies too.

Kate chose macrame black leather and I picked sterling silver. See all the styles here.

I chose a wee little birdy. Twitter <3

Planning to have some serious game nights this winter cause Mattel has hooked me up with rad games. I picked up and ANGRY BIRDS sling shot! REAL ANGRY BIRDS! I played it at their Mattel Game Night over the summer. It’s fun.

Was given this gorgeous silk eyemask from Cilque and OH MY GOD I slept with it last night. My eyes were in the clouds and I had an amazing sleep. I’m dying for a set of Cilque sheets and robe to match.

Made friends with team Sharpie. I carry Sharpie’s with me all the time and had one in my purse to proove it.

Then Kate and I raided the drawers. Got limited edition 80’s glam colours too!

Told the team how I always start out with Sharpie for tattoo ideas. I drew this bracelet tatt on my left arm on with two different green Sharpie’s for about three years before I got it. If you draw something cool you can upload it to the Sharpie site here.

Got this styling yellow hat from Nathaniel Cole. I paired it with a lumberjack black & red and those boots I got yesterday, Canadian Tuxedo ready to rock. It’s soft & warm and as a hat lover, can’t wait to bring this baby out.

Always a pleasure to see the team at RockIt. Thank you for inviting me 🙂


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