The Art of Soup

I can’t even begin to explain how special I felt when I opened this extremely heavy package today.It came from a friend south of the border. Thank you Ellen for sending these. I love you.


As soon as I knew these cans were being made, I reached out to my best friends in Boston as asked them to keep an eye out at Target. Today, four of the Andy Warhol Tomato Soup cans arrived. The cans celebrate 50 years since Andy’s iconic work, 32 Campbell’s Soup Cans. Andy famously said “I used to have the same [Campbell’s soup] lunch every day for twenty years.”

I love their branding. Something special they did is print all the labels directing you to the website which redirects to their Facebook page Campbell’s Condensed Soup, 158,746 likes, 3,527 talking about this. Right now. I love when brands do that.

Andy Warhol has always been my favourite. An inspiration. I have blogged about him heaps. He has his own category. I also named my iPad after him. Campbell’s Tomato soup with toast has been my fav lunch since I was a kid. Before I knew him.

My blog is about to get a makeover 😉



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