Take The Sushine Wherever You Go

Take The Sushine Wherever You Go

Good morning from Trinity Bellwoods! I was on my way to the office when I decided to have a little hangout with my computer. If you missed my Facebook LIVE you can watch it here.  It’s absolutely stunning out today!

I didn’t realize when I sat here but I’m RIGHT beside the tree where a branch fell on Friday and killed someone. I can’t believe it. I’ve hung out in the park so many times and the thought of that happening is horrible. My thoughts are with the family.

Today I’m at the 1188 office working and then have an event tonight with Cadillac. It’s only a few days till my surgery and I can’t have booze, vitamins, tea, and have to drink heaps of water. I’m nervous but excited.

I think I like Facebook Live, I’m not into doing vlogs but it’s fun doing live video. Mine from just now is HERE if you missed that link or you can click below.

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Sending you sunshine from the park! ☀️

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