raincoat & wellies and clouds in the sky

Today is cloudy and I’ve got lots to do. I took these yesterday, they’re for you. I’ve got some things to post later too. Drinking a coffee and feeling neat, I wonder what catering will bring today to eat?
Thank you Daily Challenge for giving me this camera. If you don’t know, I won it in their Holiday Do Gooder contest. I love it. It make me very happy to share all kinds of random snipits of my life with the world. Like this little guy:

so what i’m crazy, that gives me freedom

“People will laugh at you because you’re different.
You will laugh at them because they’re all the same.”

This quote came in Twitter post by an experienced blogger I follow on Twitter named John Chow. People have always said “You’re crazy” or as I dance by myself in the middle of the dance floor with my arms over my head “That’s Casie, she’s crazy“. For a while I thought, “Oh no, they think I’m crazy” but that was followed by thinking, “no, you are just different and they are all the same.” (Yes, I have had this conversation with myself more than once.) I would rather be seen as crazy, than ordinary any day.
As soon as someone says that you are crazy, they really give you the power and freedom of expression to do whatever you want. You can transcend all boundaries of what people consider normal, because they already know you’re ‘out there’. This motivates me and gives me encouragement.

Stay tuned there is always more here, it comes from somewhere in the universe..

she was full of zeal

I’m really excited for 2009.Time to shine, feeling divine.I love how it rhymes. Shit. Did it again. Crime. Fun.

I had a wonderful day today. Spent the morning sleeping followed by a little breakfast snack and coffee. Had a great visit with the lovely Karrera. I did a little exercise in my room. Proud of myself for getting a jump on the ‘New Years I’m gonna start the gym‘ phenomenon; I feel like I’m ahead of the game and gearing up for summer! Each day that passes is one day closer to summer. I’ve also gathered up heaps of supplies for the workshop. I have designed some really rad stuff for Spring/Summer 2009. I’m going to be working in the gallery space until it opens in the Spring, inspiring! I’m also stoked because I made a plan for August to join Karrera for Shambhala. Helloooo 2009, the year of opportunity!

you’re a star

We are bits of stellar
matter that got cold
accident, bits of
star gone wrong.
Sir Arthur Eddington
English astronomer (1882 – 1944)

not afraid to belt it

BELT OUT (verb)
The verb BELT OUT has 1 sense:

1. sing loudly and forcefully

Familiarity information: BELT OUT used as a verb is very rare.Well, I’m not afraid to have a good time.

My office party was a smash hit.

casie stewart: this is my life

This holiday season, reward yourself. Give something to the person who really IS always there for you, the person who knows you best and sees you at your wost and yet still knows how fabulous you really are. Give yourself a gift that lasts 365.25 days per year. This is a value not to be missed. Be informed, be entertained, be educated, and all just by signing up.

Go on, do something

for yourself this year,
its easy.

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