Some like it Hot…Docs!

No I’m not talking about my favourite Marilyn Monroe movie, I’m talking about the biggest documentary festival in North America! Hot Docs! The Toronto fest is running until May 8th so I’ve been trying to see as many docs as I can! So far? So awesome!

Here are my top 3 must see documentaries from the fest:


Fast. Fun. Beautiful. Raw. Rad. It’s no wonder that it’s the SXSW 2011 Documentary winner. The film organically captures moments of punk skateboarder Josh “Screech” Sandoval’s life.  A mix of stunning cinematography and point of view hand-held footage. Not to mention the perfectly fitting soundtrack.

You’ve Been Trumped Thursday May 5th 1pm and Sunday May 8th 12:30pm @ The Cumberland

Exposing the Donald for the ruthless monster that he is! Donald Trump taking over a small Scottish town + A journalist = trouble. I don’t want to give too much away, but I was shocked at Trumps behavior. Worth the watch without a doubt.

KumaréSunday May 8th 3:30pm @ The Cumberland

My favourite of the fest so far. A funny yet very interesting look into what happens when a New Age skeptic decides to try his hand at becoming a Guru! Think Borat with more meaning and heart.

Well! There are my picks! Check em out and tell me what you think! Have you made it out to any Hot Docs? What do you recommend?

xo Kate

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