The Blondetourage Does Baseball

Yesterday was an epic day for a ball game. O’Nizz, Keri, the boys and I were invited to hang out with our friends from for Roberto Alomar Hall of Fame Day. It was awesome! Check out our box!

Roberto Alomar was my fav player as a kid. I loved being there to watch the Jays retire his number and hear him speak. You are legend!

Where’s Waldo? Can you see him? Two mounties walking behind.

I had a huge crush on him when I was little. Remember how much of a babe he was?  Swoon.

He’s still pretty good looking TBH. I was fan girl crushing pretty hard.

The entire stadium was PACKED. I heard the game was sold out! Whoa.

His speech was very kind. My fav thing that he said was something his Mum always told him “be humble”.

We had a ‘gay ol’ time’ singing “Take me out to the ball game”.

I can only imagine how hot it would be to sit in the sun for the whole game. I didn’t see any umbrellas, are they even allowed? Probably not eh. Remind me to bring a huge hat if I ever sit down there.

Hey there sports fans: Seany, Sammy, Ross.

I can see my house!

Two studs right here.

Home run!

It was Ross’ birthday. I can’t remember if we say HBD but we sure celebrated good!

I’ve totally fallen in love with my new camera, Olympus Pen, you rule.

This guy had two nipple piercings and a belly button. WOW!

Miranda and I tried our hardest to get him to look up. HEY YOU!

This is Roger,he’s the MAN. Thanks for the invite team. We <3 you 🙂

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