vacation in balconia, the place to be.

Blonde girl blog hang w/ Keri & O’Nizz.

Pretty in pink nails.

Hey tower!

These are the Tweets you missed yesterday:


  • cutie pie @laurenonizzle
  • RE: @jonlim Beautiful video!
  • hey there sports fans! baseball w/ @laurenonizzle @keriblog @ilovecpstyle @bluejays #
  • hi
  • haha @ someone googling “hipster wear” & finding my blog
  • Calci-yum!
  • anyone ever watched on #Netflix
  • there was mad crazzzzy lightening last night over the lake.
  • Ahem, Rosalinda Sartorelli? That is me in your photo @Gerinafxw.
  • Just a few comments from God’s blog: via @newyorker
  • got a super cute email from @FreakerAmerica that included a link to this vid 🙂 (@YouTube #
  • Netflix, urgh more like NOTflix. #notworking 🙁
  • watching The End of America. this shall be interesting. #netlfix
  • are you using G+ more or less now?
  • oh man totally forgot about DIANNE. now tuned in to today’s #yandr
  • Nick Newman in his undies. I die. #swoon #yandr
  • Catherine Chancellor uses a Blackberry. She is also 300 years old. #trends
  • Winehouse’s Dad wants to make a REHAB Centre in her honour. Is that sweet or funny? I dunno.
  • love the latest iPad2 commercial. “See a phone call, carry a library” etc. Gah, I love iPad 🙂
  • Breast milk baby doll for kids? WTF!? That is so strange. Watching on Global News right now.
  • I want to do the CN Tower Edgewalk.
  • aww, came across this in a Goog search @keriblog @busblog
  • wtf? 29 year old grandfather in the UK. that is crazy.
  • build a bridge & get over it.
  • EW, Global news playing with blubber & fatty skin. omg time to change the channel. i might puke. news diet.
  • the news is not a happy place. so many sad reports. we need a happy news. i’d be a great host for “today in awesome news”. #morehappy
  • dreaming about a burrito.
  • Wing Women are becoming popular now? Pissshawww, I’ve been a killer Wing Woman, helping guys get the ladies for over 10 years.
  • I don’t use my PC anymore. I’ve completely switched in <1 week. #easy
  • omg these kids are so cute/funny. have you seen this @theellenshow? HEYA Twins! (@YouTube
  • Got an email from Blockbuster, didn’t know they were still alive?
  • Jeopardy will be followed by a bike ride. Feel like visiting, who should I visit? Hmmm.
  • College champs on Jeopardy. This is your chance to feel real smart, or extra dumb.
  • Doc called #MacHEADS starting now on #CNBC all about Apple brand culture.
  • Meet Ross, he is The Australian’s friend from Scotland. #babe
  • you’re a babe @laurenonizzle 🙂 i took like 400 photos yesterday hahaha.
  • i put Sammy in my bangs so he could join #blondetourage
  • added a few to e blondetourage hahaha! “@laurenonizzle:”
  • Fashion and Sharks, Not Mutually Exclusive: Happy Shark Week!
  • 10pm – St.Clair and Bath- @mattyaustin found this uncollared dog on our front porch. Help him find its owners! #lostdog
  • Photo: time travel! nevver: Silber Mini Comics
  • Photo:
  • Photo: brilliantarrogance NIKE AIR, BY VALENTIN RUHRY
  • Remember this lady @natekogan? 🙂 #

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