all the world’s a reality show

 all the men and women merely content

Ok true, not true. Kinda. The world isn’t what it used to be. The way we get and recieve information, what shows are on TV, where the news comes from. We’re all playing in this game of sharing and wanting attention. Pay attention to me, look what I’m doing, look what they are doing. Look, listen, watch, read. Nothing is new but everything is recreated, remixed, revisited, reshared. I’m one to talk, I share hard. I share often because I want you to listen, I want you to care. It’s a never ending life stream. Don’t ever let it end. I want to remember it all. What did I do last week? Lemme check my blog. Maybe one day I will be a reality show. Maybe I am, right here? I love the internet, if not for the internet, would you still know me? Would you care about what I’m doing? Would I know you? Well, I do care and I do want to know what people are doing. It inspires me to see people succeeding. Makes me wanna try harder. Reach higher.

There’s a thought for the day.

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