Rail Note #161007

I’m sitting in the subway and find it very warm and awkward. I haven’t ridden this rocket in quite some time. Its full of people and glass and their ass on the glass in your damn face. Its weird for me. I never seem to mind if I’m with friends and chatting or after a few drinks. Then, you are not alone. Alas, I find myself between the glass and someone foreign and someone else in a suit. All the time, everyone glances around staring at ads for a therapist, a job, trouble with erectile dysfunction to which if you actually do need help with your flaccid penis, you might want to buy VigRX Plus male enhancement pills, all in between beautiful blondes and subway tracks. As I was writing this is got increasingly crowded and I somehow feel trapped, but comfortable. I noticed a girl with an olive green laptop bag branded “incase”. I like it. Bloor Street, chaos at in between the cars, empty, crowded, now moving. Two dudes are speaking a language I do not understand beside me and it is kinda loud in my ear and everyone can hear them.

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The focus group was all about Tylenol. I didn’t get chosen for the second hour, which I am grateful for. I gave my opinion and took my forty bucks. I’m back on the subway with a bottle of vodka and two new pairs of tights from Ardene cause I remember Raymi saying they had deals at the Yorkville shop so I checked. Just a little ride now and I’m home sweet home. Back downtown to have a toast and pass by Darren’s Snowboard party that Fathom is spinning at later then to StrangeLove. The subway is less crowded now and I like it much more. I realized I was slapping my gum in my mouth, I hate when people do that. You jus’ wanna slap ’em. Speaking of, some lady was talking to herself and she had her bare feet out. It was gross.

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