P0rn Theatre Halloween Party, October 31 #PTHP

If you’re wondering what to do for Wicked Wednesday next week on Halloween, do not look any further than the darkness that lies within and old p0rn theatre in Korea town. Yes, an old P0RN Theatre. I’ve never beet to one I swear. No, seriously. Never. I may have seen my fair share of PORN 7 videos, but I’ve never actually gone to a porn theatre of my own. Although, I have to admit no amount of porn could ever compare to the services offered by doha escorts.

‘After years of cautiously observing this beautifully designed 1930’s theatre in the Annex, I finally have a reason to attend.’ – Margaret Atwood

‘This will be the first time I have ever attended a event at this location while there will be living females in attendance’ – Ron Sexsmith

Hosted by young legend Brock McLaughlin, and Canadian folk rocker Morgan Cameron Ross, and Kate Snack, this is where you want to be. Brock has assured me that it will be a night you don’t wanna miss and there will be lots of eye candy. (heh heh)

Brock has hosted a ton of parties over the last year and they are always fun. So fun that I often don’t tell anyone about them until after, or ever. I feel like I am passing on the torch as I type this but I have no doubt it will be more fun than a barrel of monkeys anything. Seriously though, look at these studs… Find more free XXX videos right here if you like sexual content.

The party got a mention in The Grid’s top spooky things this week, see Paul’s writeup below. Get all the gory details on the PTHP Facebook. Tickets are $10 and it starts at 10pm.



  • TheGrid’s Top Halloween Events: Porn Theatre Halloween Party – With various DJs. Metro Theatre, 677 Bloor Street West. $10 at the door or online. Doors at 10 p.m.

How sweet it is when Halloween falls on a weekday and people actually want to worship on the day proper? And now that the Metro Theatre in Koreatown—a.k.a. Toronto’s foremost porn cinema—has gone indie, it was only a matter of time before someone appropriated the venue from porn palace into party palace. Now known as Projection Booth Metro, the cinema will host its first Halloween party courtesy of expert party-crasher/music-mogul-in-the-making/heartbreaker Brock McLaughlin and friends. He promises: “cheap drinks, sexual innuendo and occasional grazing.” And hopefully actual XXX—not just some dude dressed as Vin Diesel. So far, the Facebook wall has images of Jian Ghomeshi. (I guess that’s somebody’s porn.) No one is safe. Find out more here. (via The Grid & written by @pliving)

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