notable’s chilean wine tasting @ the spoke club

Hey girl wha you doin?

Thanks for having me & friends Julian. Looking forward to the launch of

I’m Jon Crowley. Nuff said.

Food was good too. Lamb, ILU.

Mario, you need to shoot me one of these days. Sooner than later!

Our names are Reggie – Reggie & Reggie.

You are SUCH a foodie JO!

Babe watch: Pam, Karly, Keri

This was my fav wine of the night:

This was second. A friend intro’d me to this a couple years back.

This girl was prize winner. I think that guy is my neighbour.

Wine tasting was great but I reckon I’ve got a two glass limit. I know drinking is different than tasting but this was more of a drinking/tasting. I used to love wine, could polish off a bottle easy. It gives me a hurting in my chest, like acid reflux when I have to much now. Especially the next day. Urgh. Am I getting old? My birthday is next weekend. I have planned nothing. Ahhh.

Ok have a wonderful day! It’s lovely out there.


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