If you didn’t know how old you were how old would you be?

So, my sister liked her presents! Gave Jenie a bunch of goodies last week but last night I gave her a few ‘special things’. The present she is opening in this video is a lint roller she bought last week at Walmart and left at my house. I thought it was REALLY funny to give back her own crap all wrapped nice. Moohaha. Sister fun.

When we were kids Jenie and I used to wrap up things from around the house. Once I gave her a can of beans and toilet paper, she wrapped up a huge package of pads for me. What a joker! Earier in the day Mum and I had some fun at Maccas with Happy Meal toys. Mum always says she is really only about eight years old. Me too 🙂

After dinner Jenie and I went with the crew to Diwan the only bar open. We smoked hookah and danced Mediterranean style. It’s tradition to meet up with Sara and the boys when we’re all home for the holidays. Wonder what will be open tonight?!

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