i am doll eyes, doll parts

I came across two things in the last 24 hours that go with doll parts and wanting to be the girl with the most cake. Hole also may be getting back together. That could be good or it could be really bad for Courtney.

1) Barbie Doll parts jewelery. Kinda creepy? No.

I’d love Barbie boobies and I like the hands necklace.

It’s  a one-of-a-kind necklace with eighteen barbie doll hands chopped with silver end caps. The collection is made by Margaux Lange and she has a pile of Barbie parts stuff on her Etsy store.  I like this beauty smile ring too.

2) Last night I had a Mojhito cupcake with white rum, lime, mint & cane sugar.  Cocktails by Gateau was at my place last night for a Canada Day bbq. They can come over with the cupcake cart anytime.  She won my heart playing MJ.

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