hills review one an two (part one)

Omg bad date. Whitney is cool but this guy is snotty cool and not cool to hang out with. Better with his mouth shut. She thinks, “Blind dates suck, I wanna kill myself.” Then, the other girls date, “I left my mark on LA” she says, “She’s tall and blonde” about her friend. Urgh, disaster date. Me thinks, “Get me outta here”, bathroom break [take purse and jacket, leave].

OMG. I say it out loud, like and annoying young girl that like, totes love The Hills dude.


  1. jhoo04
    November 20, 2009 / 6:10 am

    “Lets join forces…”

  2. jhoo04
    November 20, 2009 / 1:10 pm

    “Lets join forces…”

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