Happy New Year! * Sweet Sixteen*

Happy New Year, 2016, casiestewart

Well ladies & gents, 2016 is here and I am so glad.  16 is a favourite number of mine and to be honest 2015 was a hard year. Felt I was getting off track a bit and my health wasn’t 100%, so,  I’m facing 2016 with a clear head and excitement. The tattoo I have on my left arm is 16 dots, evenly spaced, in two shades of green like a beaded bracelet. It’s a perfect square, and 16 2x 8, my fav number of them all.  This is the sweet sixteen! 

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Today was a good day, went out for a drive around 9:30am, the streets were bare and the air was calm. After, I made a nice breakfast and spent some time cleaning up the house. I had this plan where I wanted to go out and take a great photo with my GoPro and a confetti cannon. After driving around with BF and child, we wound up getting lunch and coming home.

I went out to an alley near our place by myself, set up my camera, and popped the cannon. Much to my disappointment, it wasn’t recording video and the confetti made a beautiful display, then flew away in the wind.

That moment will forever be in my memory and NOT on Instagram. Whoops! It’s ok, everything doesn’t always go as planned! I took a deep breath, laughed it off to myself and went back home where it was warm.

Happy New Year, 2016, casiestewart, gopro

This is my first selfie of 2016. I mean it’s my ACTUAL first selfie in the 20 I took to get a nice one (which we all know is what happens). I added some lighting to brighten it up a bit, but the first one is always the best. I continuously take a pile to get the perfect one and then, voila, the first one wins.

Sean did an EPIC display of fireworks last night. He also made a track to accompany the show which included Motörhead and AC/DC. This summer at the cottage we are going to do some next level displays!

Happy New Year, 2016, casiestewart

Embot was excited about firewoks! This is our second year doing them on NYE and it’s so much fun. Not to discount all the great times I’ve had over the years celebrating with friends and 100 drinks, but this brings a different happiness. Waking up and being able to celebrate New Years Day gives me so much joy.  Those few moments I had driving around with a coffee this morning thinking about the future set good intentions for the entire year.

Happy New Year, 2016, casiestewart, fireworks

Monday I’m heading up north on a road trip with April to the treehouse in the woods. I’m excited to start the year with a few days to clear my head and determine my goals for the next 12 months. Over the past 10 years I’ve accomplished a few things I only ever dreamed of, this year, I’m going big.