Found this today, thought you’d like it: Hugh Crawford

hugh CRawford

Photographer Hugh Crawford took a photo a day for 18 years. I started with his photos from 1982 (my year) and it’s neat how people and things look so much like life on Instagram.  One of the things I love about being on the Internet is the massive collection of photos from the last ten years. Check out the archive of all Hugh’s photos here.

1982 Looks Just Like Today, Maybe Yesterday…

Jamie Livingston (October 25, 1956 – October 25, 1997) was a New York-based photographerfilm-maker and circus performer. Between March 31, 1979 and October 25, 1997, the day of his death, he took a single picture nearly every day with a Polaroid SX-70 camera.[1][2]

Livingston’s ‘Polaroid a Day’ photographic diary started at Bard College and though some photos have gone missing from the collection, 6,697 Polaroids remain. The collection, dated in sequence, has been organized by his friends Hugh Crawford and Betsy Reid into an exhibit at the Bertelsmann Campus Center at Bard College called “Photo of the Day”, which opened in 2007.[3] By the next year, the pictures were hosted online and became a popular discovery of several online blogs.[4]

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The full article is on mentalfloss here.



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