factory girl

I slept for 12 hours last night. I laid down, exhausted, at 8pm and was woken up after 1am. Sabrina thought I had been at the Notable TV party. My body and mind obviously needed rest.

Today’s a day for wellies, a mini and no tights….it’s gonna be 17 degrees! Oh, I love!

I’m kinda gonna miss walking through the factory each morning. It’s really pretty especially during fall when the leaves on the vines change colour.

Sabrina and I really enjoy this red vine. Don’t mind the gay look on my face! I’m much better when I smile…

There’s a lot of history and old fixtures that I enjoy; the rail tracks, old boiler room, old fire hydrants. The new office will have it’s own things to love, this I do not doubt.

The closing date for the Harajuku Lovers contest is FRIDAY! I originally messed up the date but have been informed by the sponsors that it is TOMORROW. I’ll be making the draw for the winner after 5pm.

Tomorrow night the October edition of GenYTO at Spice Safar on King West. Come celebrate with me. Come meet and greet with a bunch of TO’s smart, young, cool people. It is a night not to be missed!!

What’s up with the new Olympic Torch design? I don’t like it. I prefer a REAL torch.

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