Daylight, Saving Grace, Feel That Sun Upon Your Face

Flowers for you from @casiestewart

Started the day bright with a nice little brekky in our home office. I do social media coaching and consulting aside from my blog so the morning is when I check those appts off my list.  My love for granola is still going strong. I need to get some good running shoes. I’m ready to hit the pavement again too. I love daylight savings spring forward.

That sun, feels so nice. Warm air, free hair. This photo has a couple ‘Sia’ comments on IG. Busted out the leather this weekend and threw on a fur vest. Anything to ditch the old winter jacket! Glasses are from Polette Eyewear in France, jacket Rudsak.

Had lunch w/ April in Kensington. So bright and colourful round there.

Went to buy her some flowers and realized I forgot my wallet. Thank heavens for Uber being connected to my card so I could pay by phone. Have I mentioned my excitement about mobile payments coming soon? Learned about it a bit in a dinner with Interac last week for Fraud Protection Month. Read the post here.

I think I’ll do a bit more work and head out for a walk since we’ve got more daylight today. It’s amazing the motivation that comes from a little sunshine. Take it where every you go 🙂