Day 64: Hello, Meet My Natural Hair Colour

Sun In Lemon product image

Dirty blonde! LOL. I’m not a true bleach blonde, ok? I’ve been dying my hair since my first attempt with Sun In around grade 7. Remember this yellow bottle? I just looked it up and apparently it’s still around. ?Sean really likes this natural colour and lucky for him, I can’t lighten it again for the foreseeable future.

Today we are heading to the city to pick up Emily for the child switchover. Sean and I have been working on a big submission for a VR documentary and will be working at the house for 24 hours. This week he’s heading back up north w/ Emily for some dad-daughter time while I stay home. I didn’t expect to be away for 2.5 months and I need to get a few things sorted before heading back to the cottage.

I have a bit of anxiety about being around so many people but I’m also kind of excited to be home. I’ve hardly seen anyone for months and some days I find it really hard. I’m a social person and my friends are like family. If it’s nice out, I’d like to bike around a bit and see some friends IRL, at a safe distance.

Before heading out, I repotted some indoor plants, my propagations with their new roots, and planted some herbs. It’s finally warm enough for them to live outside. ? Do you like my gardening outfit? This hat is absolutely necessary, the bugs are out in full force. The mosquitos haven’t started yet but I am dreading them. Those buggers seem to love me so much and thank you but NO THANK YOU, PLS GO AWAY. My bites swell up and are itchy AF.

I have run over 60k this month and am shooting for 100K by May 31st. Over the past 6 months, I’ve gone from couch potato to at least 1K a day, so completing 100k in a month will be a big milestone.