Collect Moments Not Things

Collect Moments Not Things



Woke up not feeling so hot and decided to start my day from my favourite office, the BED OFFICE. It’s one of my fav spots besides a busy cafe when I need to get writing done. We have a patio and huge windows that let the light in and it’s inspiring to cozy up with a coffee and my trusted Mac companion, James Dean. I treasure those moments.

All my gadgets have names of famous men in history. My first iPad, Andy Warhol and old laptop, Robert live with mum now. My cameras all have girl names.

Saw this sign on Queen Street yesterday. I love the word ‘meander’. Reminds me of Sunscreen by Baz Luhrman. Posted about that song back in 2008, wow that’s ages ago.




After a lazy start to the day in our loft I’m back in the office working away. One of the things I love MOST about being a blogger/writer/freelancer is being in charge of my destiny. Today is one of those days where I started out sluggish and am finishing feeling on top of the world. I’m extremely thankful that I never gave up on blogging even though there were a few times times I just wanted to throw it all away.

There’s a lesson for today, don’t give up. You really never know what will happen from one day to the next. 🙂






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