Feel The Sunshine, Flash Your Smile Around

Feel The Sunshine, Flash Your Smile Around


This weekend I had some much needed hangout time with my mum and sister. We had brunch and went for a walk along the boardwalk by the lake. It’s so pretty down there. Visiting to the beaches feels like a mini vacay!


Took my DSLR along for the day and snapped some pix. Perfect day to be outside and have some laughs.






Mum has always been a huge inspiration for me. A couple years ago she sailed to the Bahamas with her BF on their boat, I didn’t get to chat with her as often as usual so I often wrote letters to her right here. It makes me so happy to hang out and we always laugh our heads off with little jokes.


Thanks for a fun day ladies! Feeling energized!
Feel The sunshine on your face, flash your smile around!


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