clean up. let it go. breathe. exhale. life.

The new year is upon us in a few short hours. I’ve been puttering around all day tidying up the place, doing laundry, setting dishwasher (t.g.f.dishwasher!), I’ve even invested in glass coffee tables with storage so that I can really declutter, and wiping old ugly thoughts and developing new ideas for 2009. I’m quite looking forward to this year ahead. I have heaps of really cool stuff planned for this blog and a bunch of amazing people helping my dreams come true. I don’t lie when I say ” Move over Martha, there is a new Stewart in town”. My name is Casie Stewart, I am proud of the unique person I am and I want to encourage others to create, share thoughts and ideas and inspire others to be individuals.
One thing I hold close to my heart is knowing that thoughts become things, you are a product of your thoughts. You are who you think you are. If you think you are awesome, adorable and funny, then live that way, be that person and be your true self. After my year in Australia away from friends and family I learned who I am as a person and how to embrace that, foster it, and make something of it. I learned how to be myself. I encourage you to inspire and embrace those around you. This year, give thanks for being able to breath clean air, see the sunrise and sunset, to share a laugh with a trusted friend and ball your eyes out with your BFF. Be thankful for each day.

My wish and challenge for you in 2009

Next time someone asks you ‘what’s new?” don’t say “nothing, same as usual”, say “everything is new, today is a new day”. Think to yourself, think about yourself, each day you have new thoughts, new experiences and new things to be thankful for.

I wish you all the best for the New Year and I believe that 2009 is the buildup to some magical changes in the world we live in, global consciousness and universal issues that affect us all. I am here for you as a channel to reach others. If you have a bright idea and want to develop it and turn your thought into a real live thing, ask me, tell me and share with me. Giving is the worlds greatest gift and my biggest driver for success. I love this blog and sharing. I have a resolution to gather my writing and be ready to publish my second book by the end of 2009. I hope you will all be there with me.

Love and light,

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