Circadian Rythm, Reflective Clothing

Cleaning up my office today was so good. I’m BACK! Made sewing corner and set up my sewing machine. I call her Zoey and its really about time we spent some time together. I have some patterns I’vebeen dying to make and this is the perfect time. There are so many simple things in style I could make and heaps of DIYs on the web.


Note on paper says this probably was written a year ago, fitting for today. Title of post was scribbled on the paper too. I don’t know the significance. I have a bad memory.

It’s cold outside,
Wanna stay warm,
Wind whipping my windows,
Winding my thoughts,
Whirl wind, words spin

I always wrap things around my head. I like my head covered. I like the way it feels. Thinking about wearing a gorgeous vintage silk turban tonight.


This is one of my old favourite quotes by the best Dr. around.This almost blank notepad was uncovered when I excavated office junk mountain. It’s amazing the treasures you find cleaning!


Must get ready & find something to wear tonight. Lauren and I are going to the Future of Art & Music warehouse party, ‘FOAM. It’s at Brickworks and there are all kinds of art, music, food & beverage things going on. Lozzie Pops did her first segment on the news for CBC today. I woke up early to catch her. So cute. Fav person on Canadian TV.

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