Day 498: Take Time

Take time for yourself. Take yourself on a date. Take yourself for dinner. Take yourself for ice cream. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Don’t take time for granted.


You’re looking at the face of a Toronto woman who is fully vaccinated. Had the afternoon off work to get my 2nd dose of Pfizer and biked down to St. Joseph’s Hospital for my appointment. Pretty smooth process, everyone was nice, I wore a dress.

On my ride home I stopped into my new favourite takeaway shop in Roncy, Sunnyside Provisions. It’s really cute, they have heaps of local food, soups, sandwiches, snacks, beer & wine. I got the roast beef sandwich (incredible!), local fish for dinner, a couple of cocktails, and a Flake bar for dessert. (As kids we used to get Cadbury Flake bars sent from our fam in New Zealand, they were so hard to find here!)

Sean is still up at the cottage until tomorrow. I’ve got a half-day on Friday and plan to do next to nothing all weekend. My reaction to the first vaccine was brutal and I was sick for three days. Really hope that doesn’t happen again but if it does, I’m prepared.

Please stay safe out there. This weekend we pass 500 days and the sooner we all get vaccinated, we can hopefully have some type of normal-ish life. Whatever that means, I’ve never been normal!

Sending love,

Day 495: She Wore Red Lipstick

On Day 495 she wore red lipstick and felt a renewed sense of self. With her dark pandemic locks, she put her unwashed hair in a braid, threw on some jewelry, and headed out on her vintage-style bike. She met up with a friend to catch up, the daily download on everything. The girls walked backstreets of Dundas West and got popsicles on Queen West.

On the ride home, Casie stopped to take a photo of ‘billboard’ and thought, ‘that would be a great place for my face’.

And as she typed this she thought, “Why don’t I write in the third person a little more? It’s kinda fun.”

At home, she opened her mail to find a Tiki Party gift complete with Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum. Although she had work to do, knowing she had ice in the freezer, she reached for the blender.

She worked and typed will dreaming of Pina Coladas in a tropical destination. Thought about buying some nice jewelry from Hestia Jewels. One day, she will travel again, her suitcase is ready and waiting. Outfits too.

Day 494: Ice Cream Date

Woke up super tired today, not sure why. I find I’m more tired than ever these days and I guess it’s just pandemic fatigue at this point. 🤷‍♀️ I was out and about this weekend and after not doing much for almost a year, it’s exhausting!

Took myself on an ice cream date after a nice long bike ride. I try to get outside for a run or ride each day to clear my head, get exercise, and fresh air. The ice cream at Gaspar Cafe near our place is incredible! I rarely do dairy but when I do, I pretty much always have chocolate.

Yesterday I started watching Virgin River on Netflix and it’s not particularly good but somehow I’m almost done the first season. I have a soft spot for shows that I can put on in the background while I’m writing that doesn’t take too much focus, especially if they’re murder or romantic comedy.

That’s all for today! Here’s to a good week!

Day 493: Yacht Girl Summer

Spent some time on a friends’ boat this weekend. Left from the dock at The Boulevard Club and anchored down at Hanlon’s Point Beach. It was such a beautiful day! Soaked up the sun & laughed heaps with Sandy. So fun.

Day 492: Bike & Beach

Woke up thinking about our dinner at Sabai Sabai last night, the food was incredible. Sean came back from the cottage for a hot minute before heading back up north with Emily. He showed up with flowers from the garden for me, so lovely! What a legend. 💖

I biked over to Parkdale in the sun then went for a long walk with Sandy to Lakeshore. I am living for this weather and hope we see lots more sunny days. I was at the cottage for most of Summer 2020 so it’s great to appreciate Toronto summer and explore the city.