canada goose 2010 preview: i wanna get goosed

Last night Keri and I went to the Canada Goose 2010 preview. I’ve never owned any Goose gear. Saw heaps of peeps, checked out lots of merch and it was nice to get to know the brand a little better.

How cute is this jacket?

And this hat?

We look good together, don’t we? Jacket is from the kids line. Loves the brightness and it felt really snug & warm. I’d love to be wearing it when I’m going around to Virgin events and  doing all kinds of cool stuff this winter. hint hint 😉

Winter is coming guys. Let shope it’s not too damn cold this year aiiight. I’m ready for hibernation station when it hits.  Actually, I don’t mind winter that much. It doesn’t get nearly as cold now as it did when we were kids. Remember how much show we used to get? Like CRAZY amounts.

Canada Goose has these Goose People who brave the elements and do amazing things. I got a prety neat book about them all. I reckon I can do some pretty amazing things too? Maybe I should climb a massive mountain in my spare time.

I really like way the companies/agencies are starting to get creative with event activities and take aways. Last night we each got our photo taken in Goose gear, were given it on a branded USB key, then the image was made into a snow globe. (Dad, you are getting this for Christmas. Love you! )

Spotted a couple babes, look at these dashing young men, Paul & Kevin. Twerk.

These young fashion bloggers are takin’ ovah. Represent. L-R Nick Sean, Jay Strut, Julio. The shirt I’m wearing is by Andy Hall and Toronto based Canadian designer. Wore a bunch of Andy Hall stuff at NZFW and really love the comfy yet stylish construction in their clothes. Pants are my Yoga Jeans from Shop Girls Boutique. I’ve been wearing them, super comfy.

My bag is my most treasured from Nella Bella. It has been rocking my world (and holding all my stuff) for a while now. LGFW is coming up next week and the Greta Constantine show is tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing all the fashionistas together!

Blog, blog, fashion baby xo


  1. Rachel
    October 14, 2010 / 2:32 pm

    LOVE that jacket! I was thinking of getting a new winter jacket, and I think I have good reason to now.

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