Autumn Splendor in Tranquil Muskoka

Had an awesome couple days out of the city. After a big 10 day non-stop go-go-go festival, I needed a break. Last year I shipped off to New Zealand for NZ Fashion Week a few days after TIFF and I came back soooo tired. I vowed to give myself a break this year.

Purchased the “Autumn Splendor in Tranquil Muskoka” from for $99. We stayed at the Bayview Wildwood Resort, Severn Bridge, ON. Food & accommodations were lovely, I enjoyed the view, lake and silence the most.

Over the summer I did a Toronto Grafitti Tour and stayed at the SoHo Metropolitan with Jaunt so I knew it would be a good buy. Sammy was all dressed up for the gallery that night and we had limo service.

I REALLY wanted to canoe and we could use whatever we wanted form the equipment shed which was nice. Rode bikes when we first arrived then took a canoe for a spin.

Canoed to brekky…

… and back from the main house to the cottage.

I feel relaxed and ready to take on the million things coming up in my calendar from now till the New Year. 2012 FTW! (I kid, I kid)

Going away me realize I need to get out of the city more. Thank you Ford Canada for the use of a Fiesta from the media fleet. I loved driving the little thing. Mum also loved it. I drove more than 10 hours including the visit to Mum and going up North. It was great on gas too.

Hope your week is off to a relaxing start. Have an awesome day!

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