And We’re Back! | The Juice Life (I mean me lol)

#CookingwithCuisinart: Casie Stewart & Cuisinart

OK so I kinda lost hold of that ‘juice life’ I was rolling for a few weeks. I love my new juicer but it’s a life change to keep up with a new routine. I WAS getting groceries each Sunday morning like a good lil’ b, then I missed one day and it screwed up my whole week. After that, I missed two weeks because I didn’t make the time.

#CookingwithCuisinart: Casie Stewart & Cuisinart

Keeping up juicing takes a bit of dedication. Not the actual juicing part, that’s easy, but the stocking up on quality fruits and veggies. Now I’m back!  Today I made a gorgeous blend of green apple, carrot, celery, ginger,  and lemon. I’ve been sipping on it all day!

#CookingwithCuisinart: Casie Stewart & Cuisinart

If you have any great juice recipes or tips to stay on the juice train, let me know via Twitter or in the comments. Love to know your thoughts on this series too.



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