Mary Mason from Waterloo, Ontario!!

This year we are all bombarded by pressure to give and spend money, all the while facing difficult times in the economy & job market. Take a moment to read Mary’s touching holiday memory, it brought tears to my eyes. Remember, just because you don’t have money or a big family around, there is always opportunity to share, give and spread joy to others.

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Congratulations Mary!
Thank you to everyone who sent in holiday memories. Stay tuned for more contest giveaway’s in 2009!

Mary’s Touching Story

Most Meaning Full Christmas:

As we head into the holiday season and we worry about economical uncertainty I would like to share my most meaning full Christmas that my children still talk about today and one that changed our lifes for ever.

I was recently divorced from a 23 year marriage, had just entered back into the work force after being an “at home mom” and money was very tight. With no extended family to celebrate Christmas with I was feeling alone. I had in the past always got through sad times by reaching out and helping others. So I talked an idea over with my children.

We would open our home to anyone we knew who would be alone for Christmas evening dinner. Instead of buying gifts we would use the money to prepare our Christmas celebration. We would prepare everything for supper in the morning and in the afternoon we would volunteer to help serve Christmas dinner to the needy at a local restaurant.

What a day! At the restaurant strangers arrived with cooked turkeys and prepared food offering to help. Small children sat with their families and were served this fabulous meal and to see their delight was amazing. There was music and laughter and such a sense of community spirit.

That evening we had 12 people to celebrate the love and caring of Christmas in our home. A wonderful evening that has become a Christmas tradition.

When my eldest daughter returned to school after the holidays her teacher asked each student to share a holiday story with the class. When she finished her story about our Christmas day her teacher was in tears.

We all can make a difference.

Merry Christmas, Mary Mason

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