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WOM_N Tarot Deck Launch: You’re on the right path.

WOM_N Tarot Deck Launch: You’re on the right path.

Yesterday I had my tarot cards read at an event hosted by my friend Nataleigh for the launch of the WOM_N Tarot Deck. It was such a great event! I didn’t think I would be able to get into psychic readings. But since experiencing it, it is a little easier now to see why people are interested in this. I’ve even begun doing research into sites like Psychic Sofa, in case I ever decide to get another tarot card reading or just want a bit of guidance in life. It’s pretty cool when you actually think about it! Of course if you can’t get to one of these places you can always try phone psychic readings to get a nudge in the right direction. Some people swear by it! Michelle and I got matching tattoos, Sean got a tattoo, the drinks readings were amazing, and the room was filled with wonderful women and people supporting them.

I’m honored to be THE SUN card in this beautiful new deck. I had a reading using someone like this Psychic Reader at the start of the event and it confirmed some stuff for me. the last few months have been filled with lots of adventure and there are new things on the horizon. I’m doing things I’ve always wanted to do and excited for what’s in store. One of my projects this summer is to study the cards and learn about each one so I can do readings for my friends (and myself!). I may even get a psychic text reading to learn more about the different forms as I learn about tarot, too!

Me on WOMN_TO Shoot Day during the winter.

About the WOM_N Deck: This is a deck of celebration.

WOM_N: a celebratory and intuitive tarot deck, with a new-fashioned and transcendental take on tarot symbolism. A physical reminder of what work is being done, in our city, by who and a glimpse of what might be in store for you.

WOM_N is a collection of those who identify as female and are defining themselves. Defining their power, their skillset, their space. They are CEOs, futurists, healers, designers, mothers, public servants, community builders, creatives, sexologists, coaches, athletes and more.

Order your very own WOM_N TO Deck here.

This week I’m in Vancouver with Telus. Follow my adventures on Instagram!

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