wild things: i rememeber it different

I guess we all do.

The book’s not many pages, some with only pictures of wild things and a rumpus. What’s is a rumpus really? We all remember the book and love it. Loved it. My mum hated it at first, not feeding the child his dinner and then the monsters.

Saw Where the Wild Things Are in IMAX last night.

Cruised Chapters before the movie and read the soft cover  to refresh my mind. In my memory it was a wild adventure of excitement, travel  and friendship. After twenty years, I only  remembered a feeling and not much of the storyline. The book is surprisingly short.

It was better in my mind. It  it always is. I’m glad I saw it.  We didn’t stay for the whole thing.

I know Max gets his dinner at the end. The voices were good, especially Kevin’s mom from Home Alone, Forest Whitaker and Chris Cooper (the weird kids Dad from American Beauty).  The wild thing kid is the is actually named Max in real life.

Go see it and be gentle with criticism, it will always be better in your memory. I’m really glad it’s in a movie now and would like to own a copy. The IMAX speaker & sound intro was really fun for me., it was my first time.

Keep calm and carry on wild things…

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