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Woke up feeling ok, battling a sore throat but dragged myself out for some sunshine and a coffee. Still rocking that winter fur but looks like next week will bring those spring temps we’ve all been waiting for.

Listened to CBC Radio q w/ Shad this morning wearing this face mask from The Face Shop (thanks Faulhaber!). Working away in the home office looking like Hannibal Lecter hoping Sean didn’t walk in and get a fright. Update: He didn’t.

Did you watch the Bruce Jenner interview last night with the rest of the world? I thought it was a good interview and it was interesting to hear Bruce’s story and struggles he’s been facing. I’m not a regular watcher of Kardashians so I’ve not seen much about him besides the tabloid stuff.

This week I upgraded my NextIssue Canada subscription so I can get ALL the magazines including Hello Canada and US Weekly. If you wanna test it out try code ’60free’ for 2 months. Follow this link -> NextIssue 60free. They just added some more French and English titles (see here) along with new search options.

 I’m anxiously watching for the Royal Baby. I’ve always had a love for the Royal Family, it stems from my mum. She named me Casie Diana Stewart after Diana, Princess of Wales.  Rest in Peace Dear Diana, ILU.

Read MORE magazine via NextIssue today as well, always one of mum’s favs. Loving these jumpsuits, looking good Jessica Alba. I could wear in these things all summer.


 In other news:

I was featured in a story about The Future of Social Media in Marketing Magazine this week. Read it here. New photo by Kayla Rocca.

Career Boosters - The Future of Social Media, Marketing Magazine, Casie Stewart 


Our film, Behind the Red Carpet is NOW ON iTunes IN CANADA. You can rent/buy it and watch me on your TV/tablet/phone screen in the comfort of your own home anywhere, anytime. Find it in iTunes by searching the title or my name.

Behind The Red Carpet Film, iTunes,  Casie Stewart

That’s all for now! I’m gonna go soak up some sunshine. Have a great weekend and happy reading/watching/resting!


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