#Travel: A Weekend in Boston w/ My Loves

#Travel: A Weekend in Boston w/ My Loves

On Friday afternoon Sean and I hopped on a little plane at Toronto Island and flew Porter across the pond to Boston. I absolutely LOVE flying Porter.


We arrived at the (worlds shortest commercial) ferry at 2:10pm, landed on the island at 2:15pm, and at 2:40 we had checked in at the gate and through security. There was even time for a sandwich and a drink & snack. Pop, juice, water, coffee, tea, cookies, almonds are all free in the lounge. WIFI too!

The flight was a breeze and in just under an hour and a half we landed at Boston Logan.

It was my first time using the automated US Customs and it was a total breeze. We had a chuckle that I took a glamour shot. Like, check out that photo? All my selfie taking is really paying off. I can’t wait till I go for my next Passport photo.


We stopped at The Bell in Hand as usual. I’ve been going there with Bob since my first Boston trip about five years ago. It’s the oldest pub in America and our friend Meri works there. Some Heineken babes were dishing out free beers which was a nice start to the weekend!



Our next stop was Nico’s Restaurant in Boston’s North End, Little Italy. I absolutely LOVE Italian food and our dinner here was FANTASTIC. I packed up the leftovers and snacked on them later.  A bunch of celebs have dined there and I was most interested to see The Rock had been there since that photo of him from the 90’s has been flying around this week.



I spent Saturday by the pool from morning till night. It was SUCH a beautiful day.



And with a pool like this, hwo could I go wrong? A bunch of friends joined us later in the day and we had BBQ and plenty of good times.


On Sunday it rained like CRAZY so we took some time to relax.


Then we went to Olive Garden. We don’t have Olive Garden in Eastern Canada so I really wanted to go there. I tried to explain how we have Swiss Chalet in Canada and that’s it’s not really Swiss but the chicken and sauce are amazing. If you’ve never had it, you gotta give it a go.


Our flight was delayed for 2 hours due to weather but I’d spent about $60 on magazines and there was free WIFI. I could have lasted way longer! haha.

Sean is a total darling babe b/c he carried my luggage. LOVE YOU!


Arrived back home about 10:30pm to a crazy rain storm. Was tired from the weekend but filled with great memories. Thanks Bob + Ellen for having us over again. Looking forward to our next visit. This weekend coming up is a long one then we’ve got a WEEK of vacation at the cottage. I can’t WAIT! Nothing more I enjoy than vacation, sunshine, and great friends!

Hope your week is off to a great start. Much love,


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