Toronto Filmmakers on Road to Sundance

Project Direct is YouTube’s annual short film competition. The object of the competition is to create a short film incorporating Moviefone’s red phone and 2 other props that represent the most memorable films from the first 25 years of Sundance. By winning this competition the director and BFF will get to go to Sundance 2009 and meet with some big shot producers, have a fancy live screening, be promoted all over the internet (YouTube) and get some fast cash.

This year, two dudes from Toronto, Jake Kovnat and Ben Goldenberg are in the TOP TEN! Their movie is called White Collar Criminals” and I think it is pretty damn good. They shot the movie in three days in Toronto. Help represent our totally rad city by watching their movie and voting for it.

Today is the last day to vote.

Take a minute to help make a fellow

Torontonian’s career dream come true!!

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