To Do List: Create a Gallery Wall

To Do List: Create a Gallery Wall

You know those things in your home that you mean to get done for days, weeks, months but them years go by and they still aren’t done? Sigh… I’ve got a spare room and gallery wall on my list along with all the sewing projects (that have been sitting for years). My friend told me that photo mounting helped her get through her wall gallery project quicker so I might consider that going forward. Came across this inspiration on the Globe this morning and am sharing for two purposes:
1) To tell you (ovbs)
2) To remind myself to actually do this

I love this look and our home needs some love. I think some black and white prints could add a really classy aesthetic to this gallery wall, so I’ll be sure to do some research and find ones that I like best. This video gives some tips and will get your brain thinking. Found a bunch of help on Pinterest here too.

You can check out 200+ of my fav art pieces on my Nuvango profile. Yes, I do work there but Nuvango but is also a great place to find affordable art for your new gallery wall!

How to Create A Gallery Wall for Your Home


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