the trouble with jogging is that ice falls out of your glass

Been sleeping like a log since I got my new bed last weekend. It’s amazing what a difference it makes! Looking forward to the weekend,  she’s a long one and I’ve got nothing planned.  Might head East to the beaches to see Jenie for some sun lazing. I want to do nothing, I want to have no plans and just take each day as it comes.

I’m definitely gonna pop down to the urban beach (big sand box by the lake) with my sketchbook. I’d like to sew a new bikini too. Need something really jazzy for Florida next week! Check out my mustache necklace (posted last night on tumblr) that my penpal Hillzy sent me for bday. I love her and gawd I’ve never even met her yet!!

Rockin’ Mum’s old hot rod tshirt. This one if  from 1981, BEFORE I WAS BORN. I love wearing her old stuff. I’m so happy she kept so much of it. One of the reason i refuse to get rid of all my stuff is I KNOW that one day I’ll have a house big enough to manage my closet. Until then, it’s a bit of a tight squeeze!

My typing has been very dyslexic lately. Frustrating when posting stuff for work,  lemme tell ya. That’s all for now. Enjoy the day. It’s beauty out there! xo

Title is a quote by Martin Mull.


  1. May 21, 2010 / 5:56 pm

    I'm so glad you love it 🙂
    Whenever I'm feeling blue, I just go to your blog and get my fill of insta-cheer :o)

    Lets hang soon or something <3

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