Seen Zombie Girl? She’s Danger. Loves Brains.

I love Halloween.


Zombie Family photo.

Eat your baby.

This one is weird.

Mum would freak if I had a zombie tattoo. I have a ship there now.

Lauren and I were Fashion Zombies last year as the walk was post Toronto Fashion Week. Fashion Week will kill you.

My sister and I did the walk in 2010.

Been a Zombie w/ Kory a few times. MISS YOU!

Two fav Zombie photos (I took).

Scary clown & Scared Litte Girl.

I love dressing up so much. Next week I’m in Screamers!

Let’s talk costumes!?!? What are you wearing?

<3 Zombie Girl

I’m still alive and you’re dead to me.

Hope @GetOlympus likes borderline artistic feel to these shots I added to the Pen Ready Project. My profile is #884. Creeeepy.

Zombie Walk Toronto 2011: Fashion Zombie TV

Meet Esmurrelda McQUANdrantt! Reporter for Fashion Zombie TV. Her and I killed it pretty hard with the other models at this week’s zombie walk runway show. When you know what is what you just strut. 

See more blood & brains Lauren O’s LOL blog. Rounded up these shots from the Zombie Walk Flickr pool. Photos links to their owners.Thank you! ♥ There are so many awesome & amzing photos. The creativity in some costumes scares the jeebers off of me. Jeebers, am I 100? BTW have you seen Gramma mask?

we are all made of skulls

I will cut you.


Love this. haha. Party on Wayne!

Dead disco, dead funk, dead rock’n roll!

Aw, look at this little Lambchop. Play along. Play dead!

Titanic – drunky let the boat sink. Whoops.

Dead babies are popular. Yum.

So many people for ages…

Cute little guy.

America’s Next Dead Model

blood stained clothes, black eyes, i will eat your brain

Halloween is JUST around the corner and I am stoked. I reckon I might follow the blood stained trend and wear some blood for the month of ROctober whenever I feel like it. The Zombie Walk is OCTOBER 23 at 3pm. Zombies meet in Bellwoods and I would love to have you join my Zombie Crew. We get  all bloody at my house then make our way there leaving blood tracks and victims along the way.

On Halloween Friday I’ll be at Tequila Bookwork for People Downtown’s Halloween blood bath. Costumes mandatory andthere is no cover. Hope to see you there!

can i just tell you, i’m excited about this…