Ain’t Gonna Stop the Rain by Complaining


Rain, rain go away…


I was off work yesterday and If you follow me on Twitter you will know I had a tiny sliver of glass stuck in my foot. It was SO PAINFUL! I went to the walk-in then to the XRAY and by the end of the day I was at another doctor. I had a needle that hurt like CRAZY into my foot to freeze it before the glass was removed. It’s better today, thank god.

I arrived to the office today to find 2 boxes of shoes on my desk. I’ll be sharing those with you later this week. I also received a sweet package from Blow Vapor of nicotine-free e-cigarettes. They caused quite a stir in the office when everyone came to check ’em out. You might want to check them out too if you’re not able to get you’re favorite brand from somewhere like snus deutschland.


Thanks to Sean for being a big help yesterday. Helped me with the car AND got me a burger from The Drake Hotel for dinner. What a legend. He was my Man Crush Monday 🙂


It’s super rainy and yuk in Toronto today. I ordered my fav pasta (Grilled Chicken Pene) from Magic Oven to the office just so I could stay in side (and not have to walk far!). I’ve always loved this Mark Twain quote and whenever we have a real crap day I think about it…

Put a smile on your face and flash it around 🙂


even when it rains, it shines

they weren’t just a pair of  boots to me. they became part of my life, i loved them.  i would wear them all the time and when they were gone things just never seemed the same.

i though about them and everytime the weather said rain i missed them a little more. i don’t know where they went but i got a replacement to fill the empty space on my feet when it rains. the forecast is calling rain for a week i say let the rain shine. white wellies.