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Winter in the city, summer in Muskoka

I rolled down the window as soon as we got to cottage county this weekend, Toronto didn’t have snow yet and I wanted fresh air. It smelled like winter, crisp and clean. Closing the cottage is bittersweet, it looks so nice all covered in snow but we can’t stay. I wanted to. I imagined staying up for weeks, making fires, taking trips to town for groceries. Wearing jogging pants.


There was more snow than I thought and it crunched with each step.  Tossed a few snowballs in the lake and watched them stay in little circles. The water is really, really, cold, small ponds alongside the road are freezing over.


Picked up this blanket and mugs from the Target for TOMS collection. They were sold out of the poncho I wanted but I got Sean one of the chambray shirts. He has at least five that look similar but this one was nice. He’s totally one of those ‘Lumbersexuals’  everyone is talking about with a beard, who wears plaid and the Canadian tuxedo (denim on denim).


Had to pour out our homemade beer and tried snow painting. No Picasso!


Winter is a season I find inspiring.  I’m planning to lay low and hibernate the next few months. Working on something I hope to launch in April.

In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.
Albert Camus

For now, lights out at the cottage. The very last step of closing for the season.
Until next time Muskoka, see you in the spring.



#Muskoka: Life For Me Is A Riverboat Fantasy

#Muskoka: Life For Me Is A Riverboat Fantasy

Had a great weekend lounging at the cottage up in Muskoka. The weather was a bit cloudy on Saturday when we arrived but it was warm and I have no complaints! Boat is in the water so we got to do some cruisin’ around the lake.

I’ve had David Wilcox ‘Riverboat Fantasy’ stuck in my head since yesterday. It always comes on 104.1 The Dock when we’re driving in cottage country. If you’re looking for some good oldies and classic rock, you can listen online here.

My activities on Sunday included floating, reading, snacking, and sun tanning.


Magazine reading has me thinking about layering. I know Autumn is a while away but fall fashion is just so dreamy.



Brock & Jenn came up for the weekend and we are all obsessed w/ Doritos Roulette. They’re so freaking good!


I’ve ordered two of these donut floaties and they should arrive before the long weekend. Squeeee!

Watchin’the sun go down…



Hope your weekend was great too. Next weekend Sean and I are heading to Boston and the weekend after that is a long one. Yeahooooooo! I can’t get enough summer, I love it so much. This week is supposed to be nice and HOT!


Not Quite Open Season | Cottage

Cottage baby

Cottage sweater from Community 54

I could tell from my Timehop app that the lake had no ice on this day last year, I was doing yoga on the dock and relaxing in the sun. We went up for a few hours on Sunday and it was still winter up there, frozen lake, snow covered driveway. The cottage was warmer inside than the air outside and it was warm enough in the sun for a spring jacket.




Thanks to Sean, my lovely beau-tographer for snapping my photo. It’s great to have a TV/filmmaker boyfriend who knows how to work my camera better than me. I’m in love with this sweater from Community 54, it’s super comfy and I wore it almost the entire weekend (don’t judge!). I’d like to start making my own versions. My plan is to do some sewing at the cottage this summer. I know how to make things and use patters but I’m constantly letting TEH INTERNET distract me. Sewing and reading. Less internetting.


Funny that I mention less internetting right now, today marks 9 years since this blog has existed. I better start planning my 10 year bloganza.


May Long Weekend – Summer is here!




Had a great steak dinner last night then sat out on the dock. Finished the night having a beer in the hot tub by the moonlight. It was beautiful!




En route to put the boat in the water. Went to garage sale. Found some movies and a long, black, Angora sweater. It was 75¢ but I have her $2 and they laughed their heads off. It was pretty funny.



Have an awesome day. Wear sunscreen!  And bug spray. I got eaten alive by bedroom intruders last night! So many mozzies.