Millennials: Getting the right mix of financial advice

Casie 24, has dreams of being another Paris Hilton, only with a $24,000 income, she has amassed a $31,000 debt.

I never thought I’d be in an article about having good finances, let alone millennials and good financial advice.. It seemed impossible back when I graduated from collegge and uni, faced with debt from school, and every major credit card.

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I moved back from Australia and was BROKE. I had mounting debt and wasn’t making nearly enough money. I was on this show called Maxed Out (now on the Oprah Network!) where I confronted my debt with a financial advisor and through that experience, got a better paying job. If you don’t think you’ll get a spot on a show so you’re able to tackle your financial issues head-on, instead just get in touch with a service like Traverse City wealth management firm so you’re able to fix your finances.

The host thought me making a living by being ‘Casie Stewart’ was a total joke and nearly impossible since I didn’t come from money. She compared me to Paris Hilton and I officially launched my website at the end of the show. I had been writing THIS IS MY LIFE at blogspot but finally went to my own url.

Casie 24, has dreams of being another Paris Hilton, only with a $24,000 income, she has amassed a $31,000 debt.
Casie 24, has dreams of being another Paris Hilton, only with a $24,000 income, she has amassed a $31,000 debt.

This week, an article that I consulted on recently came out with a study from TD bank. It quotes me and was published on PR Newswire, Yahoo Finance and some other places. This is my real story and my actual serious advice is if you are having money worries, no matter how broke you are, it is helpful to see someone who can get you on the right track. I’m 31 and debt free now! When looking into loans and finance advisers, you’ll need to do your research and learn to understand the alternative lenders and options you have.

I have also learned a lot about managing money and utility bills that can also be applied to business scenarios. For example, I recently discovered Utility Bidder – a site where businesses can compare different gas and energy providers to ensure they are getting the best deal. Shopping around to find the best utility provider for your business is so important in today’s fast paced and competitive economy.

I’ve also found that by using the best credit cards to build credit, my credit rating has seriously improved. When I was in college and collected a lot of debt, my credit rating wasn’t great at all! In fact, it was pretty embarressing. Now, although I don’t have a perfect score, it’s much better and I am proud of that.

AND to the host of Maxed Out who looked at me like I was crazy, LOOK AT ME NOW!

TD survey finds more than two in five Gen Y Canadians consider parents their most trusted financial advisor

Casie Stewart is a 31-year-old social media specialist and blogger who recently spent five years paying off her student debt. She agrees her parents are good role models when it comes to responsible financial habits but says their specific financial advice doesn’t always apply to her situation.

“My parents always taught me to save, but it’s difficult when you don’t have much money coming in,” she said. “It was haunting to have debt from school and I didn’t know how to manage it.”

Casie says that’s why she also turned to a professional financial advisor for help, after explaining to her parents some of the difficulties she had saving money.

“I met with a financial advisor because I knew I needed help to turn my finances around,” she said. “I set a goal to be debt free by 30. For five years I made monthly payments and never missed one. It was really helpful to keep that five year goal in mind, and now I’m looking at different types of financial goals.”

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Photo by Kelly Kruschel
Photo by Kelly Kruschel

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