hey universe, i need a new camera!

I’ve had bad luck with cameras. I’ve been through a few. However, that was when I used to drink and go partying all the time. A text book alcoholic, I could say, you couldn’t say that without pissing me off. It’s just not nice. The Toronto Police have a checklist and you could be one too. so don’t judge me. I’ve been taking so many pictures and I really need a new camera so I can take better ones and put them here and make videos so you can see how funny I really am. I believe in the powers of positive thought and I am asking the universe to send a camera to me. You know my address uni, we’ve been friends a long time.

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casie stewart: this is my life

This holiday season, reward yourself. Give something to the person who really IS always there for you, the person who knows you best and sees you at your wost and yet still knows how fabulous you really are. Give yourself a gift that lasts 365.25 days per year. This is a value not to be missed. Be informed, be entertained, be educated, and all just by signing up. Go on, do somethingfor yourself this year,its easy. enter your email address:

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i like stuff! i like stuff!

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH YES! I got some goodies today. They arrived in a big white gift bag with my name on it: I opened the bag and much to my surprise was a beautiful 50ml Ange ou Demon eau de toilette, 200ml bath gel and for my special man a 50ml Pour Homme eau de toilette spray. How awesome! I love testing out new jazz and getting presents delivered too. Makes me very happy! Ange ou Demon smells very soft and light. Not flowery or vanilla, I hate those smells. Its light enough that I could wear it all the time. It is not as strong as Hot Couture that I received a few months ago. I liked it also, but I reckon it’s more evening wear. This one is quite delicate. I like it. ♥ Try it out for yourself while out holidayshopping and let me know your thoughts.

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