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Day 5: Routine

Today we started the day with a trip to town to pick up our Click & Collect groceries. It was the first time we’ve ordered them like that and it was quite convenient. They had to substitute a few items for smaller quantities (ex. 3 avocados instead of a bag) but it wasn’t an issue. I forgot a couple of things so had to run inside, making sure to distance myself and leave the aisle if I saw an older person coming close. We all have to do our best and we’re living under the notion that we could all be carrying this virus. I also ran into the LCBO, I have cut down on drinking over the past year but honestly, it’s challenging times so I want to have a few things on hand.

I had a FaceTime with Talia & Nelson who are also up at their cottage. She took me for a walk in the woods, I gave them a tour of the cottage, and we watched Nelson hit some targets.

I did a workout from Fit Factory TO in the kitchen and then we made salad & cannelloni for lunch.

I watched Miley Cyrus hang out with Cameron & Lauren from Love Is Blind and there are so many people going Live right now, there is lots to watch.

We got our cottage WIFI properly active as there was a delay from Bell because they have limited staff on hand. I am able to login to our account and watch our home cable on the iPad. Sean also got the hot water working so I finally had a nice shower. I needed one after all my workouts lol.

Sean and I went for a walk on the lake which I thought would be romantic but tbh it’s very slippery and I’m quite terrified of being on the ice. It’s safe and the ice is about 2 feet thick but I just can’t seem to shake the fear of it cracking and me falling through. So, for now, I will stay close to home.

We cooked a nice dinner together in the kitchen while watching Wheel & Jeopardy, just like home. I guess we’re kind of getting into a routine that’s a mix of exercise, working, and filling the day with walks & phone calls.

Hope you are doing ok & we will get through this. ?

Day 4: Connecting

Today was a-ok. Aside from the almost constant anxiety rolling through my veins, some good things happened.

I worked out when I woke up. I decided a workout by the fire was kinda romantic and sweet but it got hot realllllllly fast. Might skip the fire tomorrow morning! ?

I had a client call in the AM and did some work for another client project in the afternoon. At lunch, Sean and I did the Fit Factory TO Live workout on IG. It was hard to finish and I really got my sweat on. I’ve managed to eat pretty healthy and feel good overall about my food choices. I was concerned I would eat all the snacks out of stress but the habits I started months ago are paying off.

I had a FaceTime with Brigitte and we laughed so much! It was amazing to hang out. FaceTime is really coming in handy for this isolation time. I’m loving how so many people are using Instagram Live to share music, workouts, meditation, cooking, their life at home. It’s bringing us all together in an amazing way.

I found a way to remove my shellac at home which is going to be necessary soon. Luckily, my IG friend Katie responded and introduced me to Ka Yee who made a story highlight on how to do it. Find it here if you’re in the same boat as me!

The sunset was really nice on the lake tonight. Despite its beauty, I’m feeling stressed and the news gives me heightened anxiety. I know it’s going to be ok and it will be over eventually but it doesn’t take away the feelings we get while going through it.

Here’s some enjoyable things that might help you and your family while we’re all at home together. Keep an eye on Twitter and IG because there are so many more people coming online to offer free classes and concerts. Today John Legend did one Live at his house on his piano.

Day 3: #stayhomechallenge

We had fun yesterday. I mean, it seems hard to have fun in this situation but, if you think about it. You can still have fun if you want to.

Sean and I had a good time driving to the cottage, listening to oldies on 104.1 The Dock. We had fun driving over the mini snowbank driveway at the cottage right when Black Betty came on, I cranked it and we plowed through the driveway in the snow. As much as unpacking the car is work, it was still kinda fun. Navigating the snow, carrying bags & boxes, trying to balance, while inside started to warm up.

We worked from about 4:30pm to 8pm getting the cottage ready. I remembered Alex was going Live on IG at 8pm, so I joined. We talked about life in isolation and doing a fireworks show on Friday night. It was really fun! We haven’t hung out IRL in ages but it was just as good. I chatted for about 15min and jumped out before she ended the chat at 8:30pm. I left to help Sean get wood and get batteries.

At 9:30 I called my friend who recently came back from two months in Asia and traveled through China to get home. She’s been in quarantine for two weeks already. We chatted about everything from COVID-19 to workouts and she helped me with some ideas of what I can do up here.

I want to share positivity. I want to be your sunshine at this hard time. I don’t know what else to do. I’m not sure exactly how and what I’m going to do but each day, I’ll try to share some good. If nothing else, I’ll share how I’m feeling. Maybe a smile or a beautiful sunset.

I’m happy to be here and have this space to share. I’m grateful for the ability to be in the woods and work remote. I’m so happy to have Sean here with me and not be alone.

This situation can be really isolating but you are not alone. I am here, on the other side of the screen. I typed these letters with my fingers. I hit the space bar for each word, each pause, and you can hit the space bar on anything in your life.

Don’t get too caught up in the news. Use this time to build a strategy for your dream job, a business plan, a book outline, a workout guide, a meal plan, or Marie Kondo your kitchen cupboards.

I spent a lot of time in isolation last winter, it’s not that bad. The seeds you plant today will blossom later this year. But, they will never bloom if you don’t plant them.

Last winter, I spent hours organizing cupboards, closets, drawers. I became obsessed with organizing and decluttering. At the time it seemed crazy but I was thankful for the work I did ALL YEAR LONG. It paid off. I have not had trouble finding outfits or spices in ages, it’s been amazing. 2020 could use another pass at our Tupperware department and the pots/pans but now I know how to do it. On that note, there are heaps of organization accessories at the Dollar store, you will be surprised.

Do not waste this time eating snacks and watching Netflix. I love those things, but you do not want to do them all day. You have an opportunity right now to DO SOMETHING, MAKE SOMETHING. Sean and I have spent many weeks at the cottage. Aside from weekends over the summer, we try to do two weeks each August and one over the winter at Christmas. I’ve learned to get things done but also enjoy the day. It’s important to enjoy the day, no matter where you live or work. Years ago I worked in Liberty Village at a software company, I would go for a walk at lunch and then blog about what I saw. It was simple, unplanned, an adventure each day. You can live like that, now, today, forever. Look at your day as an adventure.

In an effort to have normalcy, I have imagined somewhat of a routine for my new life at the cottage. My routine looks like working out when I wake up, making coffee, email/client work until noon, lunch, work, 3pm walk or activity, then wrap up work 4:30-5:30 (I like to watch Y&R if available!). I make dinner during or after Y&R then chill out over Wheel/Jeopardy. AT night I’ve been writing which is really good for my brain.

I know it’s hard right now and there are so many factors adding to our anxiety. The only way I know how to deal with this is to share is my life and what I’m going through. I hope you find this helpful or at least a break from your own anxiety and comfort in knowing you are not alone.

We are all in this together. Stay inside. Drink more water. Wash your hands. Find joy in your new routine. You can’t change what’s going on but you determine your actions and how you deal with it. Try to be positive and take breaks from scrolling. ?