Join me for dinner tomorrow night? @Summerworks Soireé!

Next month from August 9-19th is SummerWorks Festival which features Canadian music including Buck 65 & Hawksley Workman and an array of performances picked by a jury.  I’ll be blogging a bunch of festival things, doing some interviews, and attending all kinds of stuff.

Did you know what I love theatre. I was in the Sears Festival, played a hot box girl in Guys & Dolls, and did a few plays in high school. I love the stage, what can I say?

Tomorrow night is the Summer Soireé and I would love to see you there. 

Dinner is hosted by award-winning playwright and actor, Michael Healey and takes place at the Great Hall. Purchase a ticket here.

It’s an elegant three-course meal prepared by chefs Mark Cutrara + Alexandra Feswick (who are on the cusp of opening their new Samuel J Moore Restaurant on the main floor of the Great Hall). Apps and cocktails will be served at 6:00pm and the meal at 7:00. Semi-formal attire.

Let me know if you’ll be there. Love to see some familiar faces & meet some new ones 🙂 


* Photos shot with my brand new Olympus PEN Mini E-PM1 that arrived Monday! Weeeeee!

Country By Day, Downtown by Night


Walked two hours today running into people in the streets between work meetings. I love this city. Amazing how rejuvenated a quick getaway makes you feel.


Arroved home to a brand spankin’ new Olympus PEN camera. It’s E-PM1, a mini DSLR style camera. The lenses from my other camera’s fit it and i can’t wait to snap some new shots this week. Sadly it’s time to return my Hamilton watch I had on ong term loan. Glasses are those cat eye ones by Derek Cardigan for Clearly Contacts. Blue bracelet was made by Katiya.


Hope your week is off to a great start!

Smile for the Camera Little Darling

Shooting w/ Sergio from Brunch Store Casting today. Here’s a little sneak peek!





Enjoy the day!



The First LomoKino Music Video Ever! ‘Water’ by Beach Party

Woke up this morning earlier than usual and really excited. I can’t help it, this is my life and it’s real and all the things I always wanted to happen….ARE HAPPENING. Another reason to wake up with a smile was a lovely message from my (fantasy) boyfriend in South Africa, the very talented Dylan Culhane. Remember this handsome face? Of course you do.

Photo via We Are Awesome

Dylan’s lomo skills are FAR beyond mine and he’s shot the very first ever LomoKino music video! The vid is for Cape Town-based band Beach Party and was shot entirely with a LomoKino camera on various types of Lomography film stock. The final product is a stop motion animation with more than 4,500 frames of 35mm film, set to a ‘damn catchy surf-rock tune’. Read the article and some words by Dylan on Lomography. Make sure you imagine his South African accent 😉

Here’s the vid:

Beach Party – Water from Dylan Culhane

I wasn’t sure about taking my Diana camera from Lomography but after waking up to this and jumping around to fun beats, I’ve packed it. Hopefully my shots this time will turn out better than the last batch!



Oh Snap!

Last month Keri & hit up the Lomography shop for the Diana World Tour.

Got my first camera from the Lomography shop August 3 (blog history FTW!) and have been playing around with it. I’m using a Sprocket Rocket and although I’ve not had THAT much luck with my shots, it’s fun waiting to get them developed. Here’s my most recent batch!

Sorry for cutting off your hear Arianne!

This WAS a rainbow. Can you tell where it is? Where I am standing?

Preston Music Festival with Mum.


To the Island w/ B&E Labour Day weekend.

I’m kinda getting better, hard to get the hang of it TBH. Hopefully I have more luck with the next round!

Photoset: Condo Living – Olympus PEN Ready Project

I’ve submitted a couple of these to the Project. Borderline Artistic. I’m 884/1000. They’re all shot with the new PEN® E-PM1.