turn upside down and shake the creative salt

This is my favorite quote of the day:

“There’s a lot to be said for not giving two flying fuck’s Mr. Darwin.”

It’s from my book, I’ve been reading Generation A by Douglas Coupland. I like it. It’s interesting.  He Tweets.  I quite enjoyed a this bit of the book today when one of the characters, Zack said “To cope with this realization I chose nature’s ultimate ego-preservation tool: I chose not to give a shit”.

This book had a good story to me before I even cracked the spine. I won’t tell you after I read it. I love this time of year when the seasons change. Magic.

cartoon motion

Sometimes I wish I was a cartoon. I would run up walls and jump and fly and all kinds of super things. I saw Wolverine movie last night. Hugh JACKman should be called ‘Hugh jacked man’. He’s massive. I really like the Bloor Varsity – VIP section. You can order a bevvy & food to your seat.
Did some serious writing when I got home last night. The book gets closer every day. I paid my friend whose laid off to clean my room. What a surprise to come home to, a floor and closet full of clothes. An old book from the 1940’s lay on my desk from Mum. I picked up the book and as I opened the fragile cover I read “The Face is Familiar: Selected Verse by Ogden Nash“. He died on May 19, 1971 and was one of the worlds best humor poets. He inspires me to write/publish some of my quite funny ones. I like his style very much, I do.

things in my room

When I was last home visiting Mum I came across an old journal of mine from when I was eleven. To read it is simply divine. I am happy to relive my own life through it. My writing style is similar and my attitude is the same. I will post some excerpts from it one of these days!
Also in my room is this lovely photo of Audrey and a quote I admire. It from a book by Genevive Antoine Dariaux called A Guide to Elegance: For Every Woman Who Wants to Be Well and Properly Dressed on All Occasions. It’s a great read and contains everything from accessories to zippers in a classic & elegant style. I discovered it reading Elegance by Kathleen Tessaro, also a great chic lit book.

two thousand and shine = simple abundance

“You must first be
who you really are,
do what you need to do,
in order to have what you want.”
– Margaret Young
This year, again, I am attempting to read the book Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach. The reason make another attempt is due to the fact it is written in the style of one page per day starting on January first and I would like to read it as so. The 366 essay’s focus around finding simplicity and living a more content and fulfilling way of life. It is a lovely book. So lovely that this very copy came to me because my mum’s dear friend gave her a copy two years in a row! Ha!

No Seaguls – Just Eagles

It really does not matter what you have, what you had, want, or what you own. You are whoever you want to be. How you perceive yourself has the biggest impact on how others perceive you, this is my belief and something I live. It was my dear mum that ingrained in me, “just because you don’t have money, doesn’t mean you can’t compete, you just have to be more creative”. Luckily for myself, I’ve always been rich in that department. The book in this post is one that I really, truly love and admire. It is written by Paul Arden one of the world’s top advertising guys who comes from a great career with Saatchi & Saatchi.

This is not merely a ‘book‘, this is a bible for the creative, those driven to succeed who couldn’t even ever imagine what it’s like to ‘think inside the box‘. It has taught me tools to succeed in the world, to dream the unimaginable, to break the rules, and make my own path, leaving trails for others to follow. This book is about stretching the mind and thinking about where you want to be in the world. Do you want to be well known? The best in your field? Your country? Best in the world? Or best in the universe?
You decide. I know where I want to be.