the way to a girls heart is through her closet

I’m a hoarder. A clothes lover of sorts, heaps and piles of them constantly fill my room closet/floor/bed. It’s overwhelming to think about putting them away.

I know this may seem trivial to some but too bad, it’s my thing, always has been, always will be.  I love clothes and shoes..and accessories.

Recently got these amazing white skinny jeans from Jonny who runs Shop My Clothes.   He’s a friend, a blogger and one of my contributors to the MTV magazine  I told you about a while back. (BTW FORA comes out later this month. Stay tuned!)

I saw some great style on there today: Christian Louboutin’s ($160 size 8), DVF jacket – 3/4 sleeves/tuxedo collar ($75).  It’s in Canada/USA and you can post FOR FREE. HAZAA!

His site’s been growing fast so I figured it was about time I shared it. I also figure the only way I’m going to be able to justify getting anything new is to clean out some of my nice things and post them on

I’m sure they would rather be on a  warm body than permanently hanging in closet darkness. I just need to clean up the clothes, that’s the hard part. I keep avoiding it. I need a cleaning lady, I’m cleaning lazy.

Asked him a couple questions yesterday about the site and running it etc…

Where did this idea come from?

Hmmmm….the idea came from an overflowing closet and having no one place to sell it that I was happy with.  Throw in the fact I buy WAY TOO much and that my style is constantly changing  I wanted to “reinvent” my closet.

Hottest Items?

So far the hottest items I have found are definitely jeans (high fashion specifically) and shoes.  People surprisingly love to buy pre-owned shoes.  It is pretty amazing.

Best Part of the Job?

As for perks of the of the job, I don’t know if I have experienced any other than the fact that I am on the website 16 hours a day scouring for the best items 🙂
Shopmyclothes wants to eliminate the waste of forgotten fashion items and promote socially and environmentally responsible principles. Creating and maximizing that undiscovered wealth within your closet that would otherwise be overlooked.

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