life is about building relationships

I think this “Gold Canada Gold” melted.  Sun was so beautiful in the afternoon yesterday, I really wanted to get on my bike. It needs a tuneup and a shine.

Watched the Bachelor. It’s so annoying, I can’t believe he picked Vienna but he did.  I realize I hate that stupid show and remind myself not to watch it. I’ve been having trouble sleeping, I stay up and work on things. I wish I didn’t get tired.  The body needs rest, as does the mind. Gah, I’m excited about life, I can’t help it. Been eating a bit less healthier the last two weeks, lost a few pounds. Feels good, dreaming of summer like errrry day.

I’ve started liking Google Buzz. Seems like a good aggregation tool and my Google profile has links to everything. Looking into more features and will share another day. I’ve been in a love affair with Google for a long time. It’s been a really good relationship. Very little downtime and always surprising me with new things. I like it.

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