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  • I Want it Wednesday – Stolen Girlfriends Club

    My fav NZ designers are jerks and send me a reminder that that sold out items from SS 2012 can now be pre-ordered.¬†URGH YOU GUYS,¬†I want everything!¬†¬†Damn you,¬†STOLEN GIRLFRIENDS CLUB. NZ fashion is ahead all kinds from Canada. I’ve been following NZ style my entire life (Thanks Mum & cousins!) and season after season, the things that hit their runways end up here 1-2 years later. Before the internet it used to be like 3-4 years. In 2004 I came back from Australia in skinny jeans, and a fedora with a mullet. Friends here thought I was crazy then years later, BAM, skinny jeans & fedoras on every hipster in Bellwoods. North America is so behind. No wonder kids at school always thought I had¬†weird¬†fashion sense. Hey kids, “I’m not¬†weird”, you being the same as everyone else is “weird”. SGC just did a collabo with JC for the Stolen Girlfriends…

    Looking forward to culture & lifestyle.

    It’s been so beautiful out the last couple days.My week has been pretty chilled out which makes me reallllly happy. Everyone needs ¬†a break once in a while. I wasn’t outside for long yesterday but I did have a charming stroll in the sunshine mixed with a few short Bixi rides (thanks Telus). Was almost ‘unplugged’ all say Sunday while we watched a marathon of movies eating Chinese takeout. Perfect day if you ask me. So good to disconnect once in a while. I’ll be less connected next week but not offline. Decidedly detoxing right now (sugar, carbs, drinking lots of water) so I’m cleansed & ready for nine full days of surf, sun, sand and yoga starting this weekend. I booked a room in a 1920’s mansion turned hotel for my first night before I get to Anamaya Resort. Yeowwww. This is going to be me:¬† My mouth is…

    Anyone from Twitter YOU would like to meet?

    Blogged before bed last night because I had to get up early and go to the office. Ok, I didn’t HAVE to go to an office but I decided to get my booty to Edelman’s Toronto office to meet David Armano their Global EVP from Chicago. I’ve been following @armano on Twitter for YEARS. Sometimes I get people saying they’ve followed me for ages and they’re excited when WE meet, this is one of those people for ME. the power of a post: social media with love I wrote a blog post about him on January 6, 2009 when I WITNESSED him raise money to help a friend who had fallen into an unfortunate situation. It was heart touching to watch as the donation meter on his blog post “Please help Daniella’s Family” went up and up. As I followed along, they raised $12K in 24HR! He’s a rad guy…

    reach out and touch the sky

    It is so lovely & sunny in our house right now, doors open, watching traffic and planes feels like anything is possible. It started out rainy & foggy then got really pretty today. Can’t decide what to wear to the ballet tonight. It’s Elton John music & tribute so I feel sequins are to be expected. Something dazzling.     Massive. I am going to walk right there. Say hello to my little friend…

    I <4 Moustache season.

    It’s great for raising awareness about men’s cancers but Movember also raises awareness of two other things, 1) The sexiness of a man who takes care of his health and 2) The sexiness of well groomed facial hair. I don’t think I would ever date a man who didn’t (couldn’t) grow a nice mo/beard. I love it. To start your own donation page register here and to donate to a team go here. I’m planning to donate to a few mates this year. In spirit of¬†moustache¬†season, check out this awesome Playboy interview with one of the most lovely Modern Gentlemen I know, one of the founders of Movember, Adam Garone. He’s¬†Australian¬†too.   This might creep you out but if you donate he’ll do something special for you. Requests are a-ok too.

    You’re the closest Asteroid to my heart.

    I’ve been waiting for today forever (no not because it’ll be 2028 before and asteroid of this size comes close to¬†earth) because ¬†today I’m getting an iPhone. I think it will make my life better like Andy & James Dean have. Maybe that’s silly but ny netbook has been sleeping for months.¬† WSJ: Asteroid to Pass Close to Earth Tuesday Astronomers are tracking an asteroid about the size of an aircraft carrier that on Tuesday will pass by Earth, within the moon’s orbit, in the closest approach of such an object in a generation. The 1,300-foot-wide asteroid, known as 2005 YU55, poses no hazard, experts at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory said. I’m also excited about the Elton John ballet “Love Lies Bleeding” tonight. It’s a rock ballet featuring 14 Elton John songs performed by the Alberta Ballet. Lauren and I are going with Sam & Ross. I’m pretty sure it’s…


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